Training the Trainers. Content and methodologies for teaching Global Health


Seminar for teachers and trainers

University of Firenze
Aula Mazzetti
Dipartimento di Sanità Pubblica
Viale G. B. Morgagni, 48 - 50134 Firenze

22nd November 2012, 11-18
23rd November 2012, 9.30-18
Two days dedicated to the updating and training of teachers and trainers on the subject of Global Health.
Frontal presentations will alternate with laboratory work to foster exchange and discussion. General concepts of social determinants and health inequalities will be defined and shared, the role of globalization as a health determinant will be analysed, and the most effective teaching methods in university and non-university training will be examined in depth.
The training days are designed for university lecturers and professional teachers.


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