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TuBerculosis News (TBN) is a project born in October 2012 with the idea to raise the public awareness about the leading cause of death among curable infectious diseases, tuberculosis.

The initiative, thanks to the multidisciplinary approach and social networks, aims to have an important role in gathering and dissemination of news on the subject, trying to offer a comprehensive overview of all aspects related to the one of the major public health challenge.

Information and awareness, therefore, will represent the basis for an innovative monthly newsletter that will propose a selection of the most important news, providing an easy access educational resource.

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  1. Two areas of interest "Research" e "Implementation of control"
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Riccardo Alagna

Graduated at University of Pavia, he works at San Raffaele Scientific Institute - WHO Collaborating Centre in Tuberculosis Laboratory Strengthening at the laboratory of Dr. DM Cirillo.
Founder and administrator of one of the biggest Facebook fan page about tuberculosis (TuBerculosis News, TBN) that collects latest news and research breakthroughs, in the free time he writes for TB Innovation, website developed by the European Respiratory Society (ERS), The European Lung Foundation and Otsuka. .

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