Who we are

The history of the European project Equal opportunities for health: action for development and that of the Italian Network for Global Health Teaching (RIISG) are intertwined and have been pursuing the same research and action interests for some years now.

The boost given by the first edition of the European project, "Equal opportunities for health", set in motion a participatory process involving universities, lecturers, students and organizations sensitive to the subject of Global Health and determined to spread its teaching. This gave rise to the establishment, in 2009, of RIISG, a network devoted to training students and professionals.

The desire to build a larger network beyond the national borders laid the foundations for a second, currently ongoing European project (2011-2014). We now collaborate with universities and organizations from Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Hungary and Malta.

But who are we and what do we actually do?


riisg-logoRIISG - Italian Network for Global Health Teaching

eo4hEqual opportunities for health

cuamm-logoDoctors with Africa Cuamm


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