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Training pathways in Global Health are available at many universities. They consist of optional courses for students, organized mainly within Faculties of Medicine but - in some cases - as part of other degree courses, such as Economics and Social Sciences.

The teaching approach and content of each course is decided by the lecturer, in keeping with the guidelines laid down in the standard syllabus; i.e. the course covers the topics of the modules envisaged by the syllabus: Health and its determinants; The origin and development of healthcare systems; Health as a human right; Globalization and health; Health and healthcare inequalities; Immigration and health; International health cooperation.

Below is a list of the courses in Global Health held in Italy. For a detailed programme of the courses, contact the reference University.




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City Date Place Title
Budapest 2012-2013 CEU
Referred person: Judit Sandor
Target: MA students
Health and Human Rights
Budapest 2012-2013 CEU
Referred person: Judit Sandor
Target: MA students
Human Rights and Biopolitics


  Date Organizer Title
Go to the course Since 2 September 2013 University of Copenhagen
An Introduction to Global Health
Go to the course Since 7 October 2013 Université de Genève
Global Health: An Interdisciplinary Overview


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